How to Sell your domain online malaysia

Sell Domains is the Malaysia’s largest domain marketplace, with the most buyers. You will sell your domain quickly and at the right price when you work with us. You will benefit from exceptionally low selling costs.

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Sell Domains FAQ

Observing the sales prices of similar domain names is one of the quickest and most precise ways to estimate the worth of a domain name.  If your domain name have traffics and with an SEO authority from backlinks are worth much more.

  • Your domain must be verify by
  • A domain can only have an active auction once every 60 days.
  • TLD must be supported by DomainAuctions.

Domains can be verified by changing nameservers to us, inserting a meta tag, or inserting a DNS TXT entry. Ownership is verified as soon as the domain is listed and on a regular basis after that. 

If there no bidder or does not meet the ‘reserve price’, which is the minimum amount you’re willing to sell for. Domain will be remove from Auction list. You may request to list the domain again or extend the auction.